Adoption Counseling & Educational Services

Adoption can be a wonderful way to build a family.  It can also be challenging.  Adoption Counseling & Educational Services (ACES) is an affiliation of mental health practitioners united in the goal of providing quality post-adoption services for adoptive families.

In addition to our counselors' academic credentials and training, each therapist affiliated with ACES has earned a one year post-graduate certificate in Therapy with Adoptive Families.  Our philosophy is one of helping individuals and families move from coping with life, to living life joyously.

While the greater Portland area does have many excellent therapists, there are very few who have personal experience, and have been trained specifically in adoption.


Areas of Expertise

Our therapists have intimate experience and knowledge with adoption. We have two adoptive mothers, an adult adoptee, and a therapist who was the director of an adoption agency for more than a decade.

Adoption Specific Training

In addition to our counselors' academic credentials and training, each therapist affiliated with ACES has earned a one-year Post-Graduate Certificate in Therapy with Foster and Adoptive Families.

Cutting Edge Protocols

Our belief is that Attachment & Trauma should be treated together.  Where there are problems with one, there is often trouble with the other.  ACES therapists use right-brained therapy protocols that work. See specific providers to read about the therapeutic modalities they offer.

Our goal is that our clients are not only able to resolve past trauma, but that they also are able to develop the capacity for long-term intimate and loving relationships. 



Most of us become parents with high hopes and the best of intentions. Overtime we can realize how our precious children continue to be effected by their early loss and trauma. We watch as our family becomes more and more dysfunctional. In those times, we can feel ineffective, powerless and overwhelmed.

It is our experience that both parent and child are often doing the best they know how. By working with a child on their early loss and/or trauma, and helping parents institute therapeutic parenting, attachment and peace can be achieved in the home.


If you are at the point where you believe that something has to change, finding your way to this site is a great start.  It shows your willingness to create change in your life and in your family's life as well. It is our great pleasure and privilege to help adoptive families find their way to connection and peace.

Our therapists work with individuals and families to help alleviate stress by providing therapy, support, coaching and education in a non-judgmental environment.

Our therapists are trained to work with:

  • Children

  • Adolescents

  • Adopted adults

  • Parents of adopted children

  • Families



Gail Hardman-Woung, LCSW

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Lori Charlish, LCSW

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Daniel Stinea, LPC, CADCI