Transracial Adoption

Does Anyone Else Look Like Me? A Parent’s Guide to Raising Multicultural Children by Donna Jackson Nakazawa (2003) The author draws on research and information in help raising multi-culturally children and being part of a multi-cultural family.  Ms. Nakazawa provides tools for parents to help children prepare challenges of being multi-cultural or coming from a multi-cultural family.  This is not a book specifically about adoptive families or children.   

Inside Transracial Adoption  by Gail Steinberg and Beth Hall, Perspectives Press, 2000.  Written by the founders of Pact, An Adoption Alliance, this book is informative and heart warming. These authors have given their lives to adopted children of different races and are now teaching parents of children of other races what they learned the hard way. They address the issues of Native American, African American, Asian, Hispanic, and bi-racial children and adoption.

In Their Own Voices: Transracial Adoptees Tell Their Own Stories  Rita J. Simon and Rhonda M. Roorda; Columbia University Press, New York; 2000  This book is a collection of twenty-four interviews with African-American and multi-racial adults adopted by white parents primarily as babies or young children. The stories in the book are informative, deeply personal and incredibly touching. You cannot read this book without being changed.""

Black Baby White Hands: A View From the CribJaiya John. Soul Water Publishing; Silver Spring, Maryland; 2002
The author of the book tells the story of his life as an African American child raised by loving white parents who ignored his race and ethnic background  The author explains the sense of loss and self-hatred he developed as he grew older.  This book is an important read for parents of African American children as well as parents of children from other cultures.  

Isabel Monk, Carolrhoda Books, Inc., 1999.
Hope, a girl born of mixed races, learns about her rich biracial heritage. This book helps children to see themselves with pride and self respect. It is rich in the value of faith, the strength of family, and the power of storytelling.