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Adoption can be a wonderful way to build a family.  It can also be challenging.  Adoption Counseling & Educational Services (ACES) is an affiliation of mental health practitioners united in the goal of providing quality adoption services for adoptive families, as well as all members of the adoption constellation.

In addition to our counselors' academic credentials and training, each therapist affiliated with ACES, has earned a one year post-graduate certificate in Therapy with Adoptive Families.  Our philosophy is one of helping individuals and families move from coping with life, to living life joyously.

While the greater Portland area does have many excellent therapists, there are very few who have been trained specifically in adoption.  Most of our adoption therapists are able to accept insurance.

Some of Our Therapists are Adoptive Parents;

All Have Been Touched By Adoption


Telephone contact information is available on the locations page.

                                                   We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex,                                                    sexual orientation,  gender identity,  veteran status,  disability, or any other basis.